Create a Stunning Asia Inspired Bedroom Interior

June 10, 2015

Bedroom-Design-for-A-Relaxing-Mood-44For most of us, the bedroom is a place where we want to be able to kick back and relax at the end of a hard day, which is why most of us are keen to create an attractive space that will promote relaxation and sleep. There are many people that decide to base their bedroom decor on a particular theme rather than just choosing random colours and decor, and a popular choice is to go for an Asia inspired theme. Asia inspired interiors are all about calm and tranquillity, which is exactly what you want for a bedroom.

An Asian inspired bedroom is about a number of different factors. In addition to looking at things such as colours, textures and styles, you also need to consider the bedroom environment. If you truly want to enjoy an Asia inspired interior you have to rid the room of clutter, as this can make the calmest of spaces feel chaotic. Invest in storage or a stylish piece of storage furniture such as an ottoman bed from a reputable retailer such as Bedstar. This will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds – an attractive addition to your room and the ability to easily get rid of clutter by using the ottoman storage facility.

Tips to help create the perfect setting

If you want to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of an Asia inspired bedroom, there are a few tips that can help. This includes:

Colours: Many people think that Asia inspired colours consist of just muted and earthy tones. While these may be the main colours to use, you should also infuse them with energising colours such as purples and yellows. You can do this by using the more natural colours for your walls and flooring while using the more vibrant ones for things such as the curtains, duvet covers, cushions, and rugs.

Textures: Textures are another important part of creating the right environment. Rich, sumptuous materials such as silk and satin can be used for drapery and covers, and this helps to add a touch of luxury and contrasts beautifully with the more natural tones and finish of the walls and flooring.

Decor: For a truly Asia inspired room, there are certain types of decor that you should look for. This includes products such as bamboo blinds, wooden furnishings, and shoji screens. Also, create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere with warm lighting, which includes table lamps that can be used to create atmospheric lighting.

When you’re choosing your decor for your Asia inspired room, you will also be able to add additional accessories to complete the look such as an Oriental vase, large indoor plant, or prints for the wall.



Top Tips for Saving Money on your Wedding

May 13, 2014

Weddings are big business. The average UK bride spends around £22,000 on her wedding but, let’s face it, not all of us have that kind of money to spend on our big day. So how can you save money without compromising on making your big day as special as it possibly can be? Read on:


The venue is a huge part of the wedding budget. You can easily save money on your venue however by booking the wedding for a Friday or a Sunday rather than having it on a Saturday and usually even more if you hold it mid week. The time of year you hold your wedding also comes at a premium. If you want to marry in summer or around Christmas you’re more likely to feel the pinch. If you marry at other times of year, you’re less likely to incur inflated prices and, with the English weather being as unpredictable as it is, you can never really guarantee sunshine in August anyway, so why pay more for an August wedding when it may well be pouring with rain.

Other ways to save money on your venue is to cut your guest list down. If you’ve always dreamed of marrying in a certain place, yet it costs a fortune to have 120 day guests, cut your guest list and instead invite more people to the evening reception when it’s cheaper to cater for them. Another great way to save money is on last minute bookings. Weddings venues often have cancellations or dates that haven’t been booked and they offer some amazing all inclusive deals on such dates. Take a look at their website or phone the venue a month to a few weeks in advance and ask about any last minute dates that may have become available. You might find you’ll get a great deal on the venue for up to 80 day guests, including food, 120 evening guests, an evening buffet, welcome drinks and a DJ for a fraction of the price.


There are lots of ways to save money on wedding outfits. From buying the brides dress in a sample sale or having it made abroad and shipped over before the wedding, to buying the grooms suit off the rack rather than renting or buying from an expensive boutique. Evening dresses can double as fantastic bridesmaids outfits. You can get some lovely evening dresses in the sales or even in non bridal shops. The minute you add the word wedding or bridal to a shop or service you’re guaranteed to add a few pound signs, so take a look in other shops too and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they have to offer, as well as the much lower price tag.

Other ways to save money on your wedding include ditching the favours – you’re already paying for everyone’s dinner for the day after all. Consider a buffet or barbecue rather than a sit down meal, have an afternoon tea instead of a wedding breakfast if you’re planning on having just a short celebration and have a pay bar instead of paying for everyone’s drinks all evening. As long as you make it clear on the invitations what guests should expect they won’t mind dipping into their own purse. A wedding is about the two of you, not what you spend after all.


World Cup

World Cup of Accessorising 2014

May 1, 2014


World Cup of Accessorising 2014

When the FIFA World Cup 2014 kicks off in Brazil this summer, battle will not only be waged on the pitch, but also in the stands. We’re not talking about each nation’s zealous fans, but rather, the WAGs who have risen to become in many ways as much a part of football culture over recent decades as the game itself. Each competing national team will be accompanied by an equally competitive band of carefully dressed wives and girlfriends.

In the sweltering 30 degrees Celsius plus Brazilian heat, there won’t be much scope for adventurous dressing when it comes to outfits – expect to see strappy tops and denim shorts out in force – so the WAGs of the world must look elsewhere for their chance to stand out: accessories! Here are a few WAG accessory trends to be on the lookout for this summer:

Patriotic nail painting 

Experimental nail-painting is bang on trend at the moment, and we may well be seeing a patriotic take on this particular art form in Brazil this summer. Perhaps Coleen Rooney will be sat in the stands with St George’s Cross fingernails – the English team needs all the support it can get after those dismal friendly displays against Germany and Chile – and maybe Wahiba Ribery and co will be cheering on the French boys in blue with tricolour nails. France may well need the extra support even more than England following their patchy qualifying display – read all about it on this france world cup news page if you’re interested.

Check out this fab flag nail art page on Pinterest if you’re in need of artistic inspiration!

War of the shoes

Come rain or shine, whether in the frosty wilds of northern Europe or in the rainforest heat of Brazil, you can rely on a WAG to wear a killer heel. As any girl knows, there’s a great big world of shoes out there for the taking, but we can 100% guarantee that one kind of shoe in particular will be making at least a few – probably several – appearances at the World Cup: Christian Louboutin heels. These glorious creations with their iconic red heels are the ultimate status symbol, making them a WAG’s waking dream.

Sophisticated shades

Sunglasses really have it all. Not only can they lend you an air of sophisticated cool, they also mean you don’t have to worry about a whole half of your face when you go out. Expect the WAGs to take advantage of this!


How to Save Money on your Capsule Spring Wardrobe

March 28, 2014

We all love treating ourselves to some new clothes, don’t we? Whatever the time of year it is, splashing out on a few new pieces to brighten up our wardrobe is always going to be appreciated, especially as spring is just around the corner. Springtime is an ideal time to say goodbye to the chunky knits and layers that we’ve been so used to over the past several months; saying hello, instead, to brighter colours and floral prints that will make us feel fresh as a daisy.

Just because we love to divulge in a little retail therapy sometimes though, doesn’t mean we need to spend a fortune. Sometimes, we just don’t have the disposable income to enjoy a full-blown shopping spree, no matter how tempting our flexible friend is. There’s no reason at all why we can’t be a little savvy at the same time as rejuvenating our wardrobes – here’s how you can save some money on refreshing your wardrobe, without giving up on the latest trends.

Bargain Hunt

Keep an eye on the bargains – they can be found in most places if you know how to look! Whether you opt for the more affordable lines, such as cheap maxi dresses from George, or you’d prefer to stick to the high street, there’s an incredible amount of bargains to be had.

Don’t feel that by spending less on clothes, you’ll be sacrificing quality, either. It’s amazing how much value for money you can achieve by popping to the local supermarket rather than heading for the shopping centres straight away.

Buy Second Hand

Why shouldn’t you? Savvy shoppers know how to use eBay and suchlike to their advantage, and you can find some incredible bargains on this magical site regularly. If you know what you’re looking for, and you know how to get the best deal you can, second hand clothing off eBay is a must (and a great way of finding designer clothes at rock bottom prices!)

If you’re not too familiar with how to use the site, remember that ‘watching’ the item you like is far better than bidding straight away. If you have nerves of steel, and you have a spending limit cemented into your mind, wait until the last 10 seconds to confirm your bid – it’s a sure-fire way of winning designer gear for 99p!

Similarly, you shouldn’t be ashamed about browsing charity shops every once in a while, either. It’s baffling what some people throw out sometimes, and by shopping in these stores, you will be helping out people in need, too.

Reuse Previous Seasons

Don’t feel like because you’re in the 2014 season, previous springwear is null and void, because it’s not. There are certain things that will continue to be timeless for many more years to come – think skinny jeans, prints, and plain white T shirts – you can guarantee that there’ll be plenty of clothing already in your wardrobe that will look super this spring, without even opening your purse!

Enjoy a little (sensible) retail therapy this spring and save some money while you’re at it – you’ll be amazed at what you can find!


The Differences Between Jeans and Jeggings

March 24, 2014

The line distinguishing between jeans, jeggings and leggings is becoming increasingly fine. With patterned and denim effect across all three types of legwear, you can be forgiven for getting the semantics confused. But there are still some factors that will help you determine which category your trousers fall under, and what to expect when buying online depending on how they are categorised and labelled. Here are some of the easiest ways to tell whether it’s a jean or a jegging you are buying, and what the differences actually are:


If your trousers have a button or zip fly, then it is safe to assume that they are jeans. Jeggings usually have a more comfortable elasticised waistband, often with a faux fly to make them look like jeans, but never normally with a button. The lack of flies and use of elastic means it’s always best to try and cover up the top portion of a pair of jeggings for aesthetics, and a long jumper or tunic top is best for this. See ASDA George’s jeggings for some inspiration on this look.


Real and functional pockets almost certainly mean that they are jeans rather than jeggings. Jeggings will sometimes have fake pockets stitched to give the illusion of jeans, but these will not be usable and are purely there for aesthetic purposes. The reason for this is that jeggings are made of a single piece of fabric, whereas jeans are multiple panels sewn together making the addition of pockets simple.


The material is one of the most important factors in understanding the difference between jeans and jeggings, but it is also where things get a little hazy. Jeans, and especially skinny jeans will have elastic built in, and are designed to stretch to give you the closest fit possible. There is a point however where this stretch reaches a new level, and the material ceases to have any denim-like qualities at all, save the appearance. When jeans cross over from having a slightly stiff fabric, to legging style cotton stretch, then they are officially a jegging. Look at your trousers on the hanger – if they are super skinny, but you can get into them without a wiggle, they are jeggings. If you need to lie on the floor squeezing your bum into them, they are jeans.


One good tip is to look at the thickness of the trouser, as jeans are thicker, and therefore warmer than jeggings, making them the preferred choice for winter. If the denim look is produced by a print on the fabric then it is a jegging, if it’s part of the fabric, it’s a jean.

Jeggings and jeans are both great in their own right, and work well as part of different outfits – the key is to know what you are buying. As the warmer weather beckons, a pair of jeggings will see you right through to next winter, whilst the perfect pair of jeans wait patiently for it to be time for boots again. Choose wisely, and never be fooled by pesky terminology again.




What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

February 17, 2014

What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

A person’s overall mood can be affected by a variety of factors. One area that can positively affect this is how one dresses. By being well dress for a particular occasion, people have a boost of confidence that often projects outwardly. This makes them seem much more appealing. When participating in certain activities, this can be an additional boost. For instance, when visiting a casino for the evening, feeling more confident can make for a better gaming session. A certain level of dress is expected at the casino.

Casinos are becoming more and more popular, if you’re planning to visit a casino this year, head over to sites like to practise first. Anyone who has been to a casino will know that women wear a wide variety of styles for gambling. Some women may prefer wearing a cocktail dress or even the go to little black dress. Others may prefer more casual dresses like the maxi dress which they dress up with a jacket and a long necklace. Jeans are worn by some women with blazers and dress shirts. What all of these looks have in common is that they fall within what is known as the smart casual dress code. These kind of outfits are less formal than office wear but dressier than casual clothing. They make the perfect choice for wearing to the casino.

Not only are the garments important in this style but footwear as well. Casinos prohibit flip-flops from being worn so don’t even try to wear these. High heels such as stilettos may be a great look but consider if they are practical for your evening plans. You may have to do some walking and they can quickly cause one’s feet to ache. This makes it harder to focus on your playing as well as enjoying the evening. Low heels or flats are probably the best option. This doesn’t mean style has to be sacrificed. After all, these styles come in some stylish and trendy looks.


What to Pack in your Gym Bag

February 12, 2014

OK, so you’ve taken the first step and signed yourself up to your local gym, with a determination that you will make use of the membership and attend at least once a week, without fail. While this notion may not last forever, you’ve done more than a lot of people do – you’ve signed up! That’s definitely a good start!

The next thing you need to think about is what to pack into your gym bag so that you’re carrying light, with all the essentials in tow. Whether you’re joining the gym to tone up, get fit or lose weight, it’s a great way to feel better about yourself, particularly if you’ve let yourself slide a little over the past few months. Turning up at a gym for the first time can be a terrifying experience, so if you feel self-conscious, ask a friend to come along with you for moral support. Alternatively, avoid the gym setting and sign up for a class or swim, instead. Whatever you choose, you’re going to need some gym gear and packing your bag with the essentials is a great place to start.


When you sign up to your local gym, make sure you find out what facilities they provide. Some sites may only offer a gymnasium loaded with equipment and machines, while others may have rooms for fitness classes, or its own swimming pool. If there is a pool on site, make use of it. Take a look at George’s range of swimsuits and pick one that you will feel comfortable in. Pop this into your gym bag, with a towel, for the times that you choose to head for the pool rather than the treadmill. You’ll also need one of your swimsuits if you decide to finish off your session in the steam room.


Don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune on the latest trends and remember, you don’t have to be fashion-conscious. Make sure that the clothes you take with you in your gym bag to work out in are comfortable and breathable. Remember that there are others using the gym too, so don’t wear anything too revealing that may gain a few unwanted stares. Bear in mind that if you’re a beginner, a pair of leggings and a T will do just fine – you don’t have to buy the specialist kit just yet.


If you plan to invest in one good thing, make it your footwear. You will need a pair of supportive sports shoes, no matter what, because working out in poorly fitting trainers can be incredibly detrimental. Choose a pair that coincide with your plans – gym, running, tennis etc., – and get them fitted properly at a reputable sports shop.

Don’t forget your water bottle and pop an mp3 player into your gym bag too – it’s far better to lose yourself in your own playlists than have to listen to what the gym plays over its speakers; there’s only so much Eric Prydz you can take!



January 4, 2014

Hi everyone

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve decided to make some changes. For a long time now I’ve been maintaining two separate sites – this blog and of course my web design website. It doesn’t make sense to have two separate sites so I have decided to merge them into one.

From now on you’ll be able to access the blog here



Custom Share Buttons for Blogger

December 31, 2013


Hands up who hates blogger’s default share buttons and would like to add their own custom share buttons? Well today I will be showing you how to replace them with your own. It is a super easy process for even the most non-tech savvy blogger. So first of all you’ll need to create your icons. I would advise using this tool . They have 1000s of icons and you can type in the colour code and then download your icon in whatever style and size you want.

Once you have your images upload them to photobucket and make a note of the direct url of the image. Now you need to remove your old share buttons. So go to your dashboard>Layout and click on the edit button on the blog posts widget. Untick the box next to the share icons and save.

Now go to the template page and click on edit html. Look for the following piece of code:

<div class=’post-footer’>

In some themes there may be multiple instances of code. If so you want the second instance. Paste the below code below this line.

<!– AddThis Button BEGIN –>
<div class=’addthis’>
<div class=’share’>
<a class=’button_facebook’><img alt=’Share to Facebook’ border=’0′ height=’30’ src=’fburl‘ width=’30’/></a>
<a class=’button_twitter’><img alt=’Share to Twitter’ border=’0′ height=’30’ src=’twitterurl‘ width=’30’/></a>
<a class=’button_pinterest_share’><img alt=’Pin This’ border=’0′ height=’30’ src=’pinteresturl‘ width=’30’/></a>
<a class=’addthis_button_google_plusone_share’><img alt=’Share on Google Plus’ border=’0′ height=’30’ src=’googleurl‘ width=’30’/></a>
<script type=’text/javascript’>var addthis_config = {“data_track_addressbar”:true};</script>
<script src=’//’ type=’text/javascript’/>
<!– AddThis Button END –>
Replace the bolded part with the url’s to the direct images. Save. You should now have your lovely custom share buttons.

Beauty Bargain of the Week

December 31, 2013







I love a beauty bargain and this one is a stunner. The Elizabeth Arden Red Hot Croc Color Collection is priced at just £45 and contains a whole host of goodies. The total value of the contents is £300. It contains:

– Elizabeth Arden Deluxe Compact containing 12 eyeshadows in Shimmering Taupe, Pearl White, Amethyst, Toast, Precious Metals-Highlighter, Shimmering Emerald, Midnight Blue, Heathered Plum, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Sun Peach and Sparkling Sable  and 2 blushes in Sweet Peach & Blushing Pink.

– 3 Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipsticks in Cassis, Tulip & Coral.

– 2 Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lipglosses in Diamond & Red Door Red (4ml each)

– 2 Elizabeth Arden Eye Pencils in Espresso & Smoky Black

– 2 Elizabeth Arden Smooth Line Lip Pencils in Taupe & Plum Rose

– Elizabeth Arden Pressed Powder with Sponge Puff in Nude Shimmer

– Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Mascara in Black

– Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 50ml

– Elizabeth Arden Nail Lacquer in Candy Apple 5.8ml

– Elizabeth Arden 3 Piece Brush Set with Pouch (Cheek, Eyeshadow and Angle Eye brushes.)

This all comes in a beautiful red mock croc bag which is perfect for storing makeup. I spotted this bargain at John Lewis for £50 which is where I purchased it but Feel Unique are selling it for just £45. link

Instagram @modlychic