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Japan is a country filled with different fashion styles. One such style is Dolly Kei. This style is described in many ways. It has a feel of medieval Celt and Russia about it, folksy garments which are antique centric. It is similar in style to mori (forest girl). It is one of Japan’s newer styles but unlike some of their trends its very earthy and suitable for all body shapes. Its inspired by old fairy tales like European dolls. Celtic mythology plays a key part in achieving this style. Its full of florals, furs and dark colours. Its cute in a fairy-tale kind of way reminiscent of a Russian doll.


Dolly Kei style began when now infamous shop ‘Grimoire’ was opened. The store was created by former Cutie magazine model Hitomi. It has been in operation since 2008. Its a shop chock full of vintage accessories and clothing. Dolly Kei has its foundations rooted in Lolita style as they both share a fondness  for the gothic and supernatural. The Japanese are a well known nature focused nation with Shinto and a belief in spirits. Dolly Kei intermingles this with the originality and innovation of Japanese style trends. It combines the gothic side of loligoth with the nature vibe of mori kei. It can be mistaken for mori girl style but they are actually quite different.


To achieve this style you need to embrace vintage and antique clothing. Designer clothing isn’t required here with the exception of handmade vintage style accessories. Items can be sourced from antique shops, charity shops and flea markets or online. Key styles are florals, furs, dark hues and layering. Common accessories include big crosses headdresses, long flowing skirts, dolls and tassels. Minimal make up is key using neutral shades. Frilly blouses and petticoats are mainstays of the look a la the Victorian era.



For a blogger who really knows how to rock the Dolly Kei look check out The Fashionate Traveller

All images taken from http://nihonhitstyle.blogspot.com

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