Christmas Done Well, A Perfect Plan For the Perfect Day

From the moment the sun rises on Christmas Day, let the magic begin – especially if you’re a parent. Before you realize it’s even morning, and while you’re still feeling dishevelled and half asleep, your kids will be bouncing up and down on your bed exclaiming that Christmas is here. But it’s only 5am! Rather than telling them to go back to bed for an hour or two, just accept that Christmas Day is going to be a long one and it’s up to you to make it as perfect as possible.

While every family will have a different way of doing things, planning a perfect day full of fun and laughter is the basis for all. Seeing the smiles on your kids’ faces is priceless, while the grownups will appreciate the lovely dinner and the glasses of wine that accompany it. If you’re stuck on what to do for your Christmas, take a look at this idea for the ideal day and start organizing your day as soon as you can!

Wake Up

It may take a while to wake up properly, especially if you’ve not had much sleep because of organizing presents the night before. Let the kids come to you and tell them that they can bring their stockings too. Perhaps plant their stockings in their bedrooms the night before, rather than putting them with everything else, so that they don’t even have to go into the living room to fetch them.

Allowing them to open their stockings whilst you’re still in bed will mean that you have a little bit longer to adjust to the early morning and get used to the idea of being up at the crack of dawn. If your kids are old enough, cajole them into making you a brew before they start unwrapping, too!

Get Up 

Once the stockings have been obliterated, it’s time to get up. Try and make it so that the living room (or wherever your Christmas tree and presents are) is in the dark so that when they walk in, and turn on the light, their faces will be a picture. Spend some time opening the presents – it depends on who you are as a family how you do this, whether it’s a free for all or whether you take it in turns and cherish the moment is up to you.

Dress Up

Time to get dressed! Dig through the closet, and choose a suitable festive party dress or outfit for the occasion. Remember to put on an apron when you’re in the kitchen though, you don’t want to ruin it before the day has even started!

Dish Up 

It’s Christmas dinner time! Plan the meal well and you will be able to serve it all up at the same time so that it’s all piping hot. Ask the kids to get involved by helping to set the table. Don’t forget the crackers and the customary paper party hat!

Chill Out

The evening is there to do what you want with it. Perhaps a festive film or two, or some family board games that will keep everyone happy. Once the kids are in bed, play some more games or, if you’re anything like most grownups at Christmas, drink too much wine and fall asleep!

Whatever you choose to do this Christmas, it’ll undoubtedly be perfect for who you are as a family – enjoy every moment!

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