Discover The Japanese Equivalent To Victoria Secret

One of the aims of this blog has always been to educate and inform my readers on the best that Japan has to offer. I lost my way a bit thinking that I needed to be more ‘mainstream’ but thankfully I’ve returned to cover the topics that originally got me hooked on blogging.

I covered Japanese lingerie brands quite recently but really it was just an overview. In the coming months I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite lingerie brands in more detail.

Lingerie JapanFirst up is Ravijour. The brand was formed in the 1990s as an alternative to many of the Western brands popular in Japan. Their product range is vast with a great variety of styles. Pieces range from lacy, romantic styles to more trend-led sensual pieces. They are often described as the Japanese Victoria’s Secret. They too run regular fashion shows with their models and many of the styles are reminiscent of VS. Their ranges are split into mini collections which all contain different styles. Love Line features lots of lace and ruffles and has a distinct romantic feel to it. Bitter is the trend-led collection which is much more erotic in nature. They also have a luxury line which is sophisticated but fun.

Lingerie WhiteYou’ll notice that a lot of Japanese lingerie brands go for a playful but sexy feel in their collections. Ravijour is no different. The great thing about this brand is that whatever your preferred style of Lingerie they’ll have something you like.

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