Eres Lingerie – Simple Elegance

The french really are the masters at creating elegant, understated but sensual lingerie. Eres Paris are another French brand that I’ve fallen in love with recently thanks to their simple but beautiful designs. They are most well-known for their intricate but exquisite swimwear designs which modernized and brought something unique to the world of swimwear but in the late 90s they introduced lingerie to the brand. Their pieces are made to compliment and enhance a woman’s natural shape. Made using the best quality fabrics and designed in a way that makes the pieces light to wear and ultra comfortable Eres Lingerie are at the forefront of French lingerie design. Favoring a nude color palette with bursts of color their garments hug the skin and enhance your silhouette.

Their Spring Summer 2015 collection exudes a certain freshness and youthful feel. Utilizing fabrics that allow the skin to breathe such as tulle, lace and sheer materials this collection doesn’t mask your body it embraces it. Graphic lines and intricate designs are the backbone of this collection. All of these factors combined make for a pretty, elegant and timeless collection.

Eres really have mastered the act of taking simple designs and giving them the wow factor. They love clean lines and favor the natural over the artificial. Their bra’s don’t create any push-up effect but instead work to display and emphasize your natural beauty. This brand is perfect for those of you who crave non fussy, sophisticated lingerie suitable for everyday wear.

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