Getting in Shape For the Holidays

So, holiday season, and all of the cakes, pies and general feasts are upon us. Here are some tips to get in shape regardless of the fact that there are lots of yummy treats around. Here are some really useful tips:

1. Incentivize yourself to train in the

Read a few blogs, google ‘weight loss story’. Reading about how other people have done it, goes a long way to boosting your confidence.
Most of us would prefer to sleep in rather than get up and exercise first thing in the morning, but work and other commitments don’t always allow for working in the early evenings. The best thing to do is to make morning exercise as easy as possible, so that you don’t have to give it a second thought. First of all, lay out your exercise clothes the night before, fill your water bottle and put it in the fridge. Then lay out the outfit that you’ll wear to work the next day, make sure it is ironed and ready to go, complete with socks/stockings and shoes. This way you won’t have to think about it in the morning and you’ll have less excuses not to exercise.

2. Healthy Eating Tips:

It is difficult to cut things out entirely, especially over the holidays when people celebrate with food, and if you deny yourself too much you’ll end up bingeing at some point. The answer is to watch out for those carbs., and avoid starchy foods. Not only do these add on weight and keep you from burning the fat, they also add to health problems, not to mention lowering libido.
Avoid the obvious!! , People are always asking how I stay so fit. I always comment: ‘Start with avoiding sugars, breads, and chemicals.”
Ditch the processed foods, sugary drinks, and anything else that is not natural. This does not mean that food does not have to taste good, it is actually quite the opposite. Have a steak and salad. How about grilled salmon. Once you get used to eating real foods, your body will tell you when you are eating crap.

3. Find a workout that you love:

The trick here is that it won’t feel like you’re working out, it’ll feel like you’re doing something you enjoy. So, try out various classes at the gym, watch a few YouTube video’s until you find one you love. Give adult ballet a go, or surfing, or try some martial arts classes. You’ll find that you will do the activity for longer if you really enjoy it.

4. Consider a personal trainer:

Meeting with a personal trainer a couple of times a week can turn you from obese to beast in a short matter of time. The thing with personal trainers, besides knowing which exercises will benefit your personal trouble areas, they also have a lot of knowledge about how to use certain equipment. Weight lifting has become very popular among women recently, especially those past 35 as it has shown that weight lifting helps builds the muscle that burns the fat in a big way, even when you’re not exercising. A personal trainer can safely introduce you to weightlifting and all of the correct postures you need to adopt when lifting weights.

5. Nutrition Coaching:

This is especially helpful during the holidays when lots of delicious snacks are around. You’ll find that they will help you monitor your food intake as well as portion control. When you reach for that extra helping of Christmas pudding you’ll find yourself thinking that you’ll have to add that to the food diary list later, which could offer you an incentive not to put it in your mouth. You’ll also realize how many snacks you might eat during the day, how much sugar you’re consuming in your 4 cups of daily coffee, and exactly how little of the proper foods you’re eating on a daily and weekly basis.

6. Enjoy the Holidays

Well I hope this post has helped. I wish you and your loved ones all the best, and that you may fit back into that outfit for the upcoming Christmas party.

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