One Foot in the School Door: Getting the Proper Fit for Your Scholar

Going back to school means there’s going to be pressure to fit in, this is especially true if your child is at the age when peer pressure is at its peak.  No child wants to be singled out for being too different., and girls especially find it important to wear the hippest clothes and shoes to earn the approval of their clique.  The cute dresses grandma sent in the spring may be deemed babyish and rejected in favor of the latest graphic tees and denim vests.  Perfectly good Mary Janes will be tossed to the back of the closet in favor of new sneaks.  Whether our child gives in to the need to be one of the bunch or wants to proclaim their individuality, if the shoe fits – they still shouldn’t wear it if it’s not best for their feet.

StudentMaintaining the growing body’s alignment is why it’s so important to wear properly fitting footwear.  As your child grows, it’s important to have a good fit every time you buy a new pair of shoes for them, and every parent knows how often that can be.   Fortunately, the venerable shoemakers at Clarks have made that easy to do with their innovative measure at home tool.  You can go online and purchase the one that’s right for your child, and when it arrives, their easy to follow steps will have your youngster measured up in no time.   There’s another step you should take when you buy shoes from Clarks, and that is searching Groupon for coupon codes you can use to save money at checkout.  You can save time and money by shopping Clarks because there’s no running around in the mall, fighting through the back to school shoppers to get measured when it’s finally your turn to get waited on.  And while you’re shopping, you might as well take advantage of the deals they have on shoes for men and women.  You can save over 40% on a pair of shoes for women, and more than 65% off their line of stylish footwear for men.

back to schoolHealthy foot development is important, and wearing the proper shoe, with the proper fit is key to making that happen at every stage of their growth.  Since the company began nearly 200 years ago, Clarks has been an innovator in measuring and fitting shoes correctly and even pioneered shaping shoes individually, giving the wearer a proper right and left shoe.  So no matter what the in-crowd deems cool this semester, shop Clarks knowing your kids will be too cool for school.



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