How to Save Money on your Capsule Spring Wardrobe

We all love treating ourselves to some new clothes, don’t we? Whatever the time of year it is, splashing out on a few new pieces to brighten up our wardrobe is always going to be appreciated, especially as spring is just around the corner. Springtime is an ideal time to say goodbye to the chunky knits and layers that we’ve been so used to over the past several months; saying hello, instead, to brighter colors and floral prints that will make us feel fresh as a daisy.

Just because we love to divulge in a little retail therapy sometimes though, doesn’t mean we need to spend a fortune. Sometimes, we just don’t have the disposable income to enjoy a full-blown shopping spree, no matter how tempting our flexible friend is. There’s no reason at all why we can’t be a little savvy at the same time as rejuvenating our wardrobes – here’s how you can save some money on refreshing your wardrobe, without giving up on the latest trends.

Bargain Hunt

Keep an eye on the bargains – they can be found in most places if you know how to look! Whether you opt for the more affordable lines, such as cheap maxi dresses from George, or you’d prefer to stick to the high street, there’s an incredible amount of bargains to be had.

Don’t feel that by spending less on clothes, you’ll be sacrificing quality, either. It’s amazing how much value for money you can achieve by popping to the local supermarket rather than heading for the shopping centers straight away.

Buy Second Hand

Why shouldn’t you? Savvy shoppers know how to use eBay and suchlike to their advantage, and you can find some incredible bargains on this magical site regularly. If you know what you’re looking for, and you know how to get the best deal you can, second hand clothing off eBay is a must (and a great way of finding designer clothes at rock bottom prices!)

If you’re not too familiar with how to use the site, remember that ‘watching’ the item you like is far better than bidding straight away. If you have nerves of steel, and you have a spending limit cemented into your mind, wait until the last 10 seconds to confirm your bid – it’s a sure-fire way of winning designer gear for 99p!

Similarly, you shouldn’t be ashamed about browsing charity shops every once in a while, either. It’s baffling what some people throw out sometimes, and by shopping in these stores, you will be helping out people in need, too.

Reuse Previous Seasons

Don’t feel like because you’re in the 2014 season, previous springwear is null and void, because it’s not. There are certain things that will continue to be timeless for many more years to come – think skinny jeans, prints, and plain white T shirts – you can guarantee that there’ll be plenty of clothing already in your wardrobe that will look super this spring, without even opening your purse!

Enjoy a little (sensible) retail therapy this spring and save some money while you’re at it – you’ll be amazed at what you can find!

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